Poomun Naser


+230 52579206

Naser, a driven and enterprising individual, has had a diverse professional background that spans across multiple industries. With experience gained from working in various companies in Mauritius, Naser's journey eventually led him to France. After four long years in France without his family, he shifted gears and relocated to Mauritius. He has then embarked on a new venture, starting humble beginning as a street vendor selling a street food known as "kebabs". In 2017, Naser ventured into the business world again by starting a car rental company. He established SNZ Groups, which includes SNZ Car Rental and Luxmi Car Rental. Alongside the car rental ventures, He has also founded SNZ Travels and Tours Ltd, which presumably offers travel and tour services. Naser's journey showcases his diverse professional experience and entrepreneurial spirit, transitioning working in different industries to starting his own business ventures.


Roshan Jugessur

Reservation and Booking

+230 5255 6614

Roshan joined SNZ groups after he left the pharmaceutical department. He loves fishing and playing football. His role with SNZ Groups is to handle the reservation and booking processes, ensuring that customers can easily book vehicles and secure their rentals. His team manage the reservation system, process rental requests, and confirm bookings.


Nishita Seegoolam

Finance and Administration

+230 5255 6422

Nishita's self-stated life goal is to learn everything about everything. Since that might take a while, she's starting with the fun stuff. Using skills acquired during undergrad at the University of Mauritius (a degree in human resource management, and is persuading her MBA at the University of technology). Nishita has spent a year- long sabbatical perfecting a model that helps her choose which kicker to draft for her fantasy badminton team. She performs 3% better than the baseline and is likely her crowning achievement.


Daren Honore

Operations Team

+230 5254 6614

Daren and his team handles the day-to-day logistics and coordination of car rental operations.They manage vehicle check-in and check-out procedures,coordinate vehicle pick-ups and drop-offs,and ensure the efficient flow of vehicles in and out of your rental locations.Highlight their attention to detail ,organisional skills,and ability to manage schedules effectively.He joined Snz car rental after a degree at University and he's honored by the privilege to now be sharing the stories of Snz Groups with you.


Vinai Pariema


+230 5253 6614

Vinai is the first employee of SNZ Car Rental. His role is very important as collecting and delivering messages, memos or documents between different departments or individuals within the company. He is Married and has 2 children who study at the University of Mauritius.


Yoan Thomas


+230 5944 6614

Yoan's responsibility is to transport passengers/ customers from one location to another, or deliver and pickup vehicle from customers, he likes to play guitar, dancing and sometimes sing le Sega Mauricien. He is a married man and has 2 children.



Legal Department


Mr Arshad Gasita, our legal advisor, has obtain a law degree and practical experience in the legal field, he play a crucial role in helping us navigate legal challenges and ensuring that Snz Car Rental operate within the boundaries of the law.Mr Casita is trustworthy, and maintain confidentiality.

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